Capable CHM reader for macOS and iOs

I am currently working on a system with the help files stored in .chm format. I am using and reading the material via VM. The chm readers I have seen on the MAS and on the web are either 32-bit and won’t run on Catalina or just don’t display the documents correctly when they work.
Thanks for your response

I believe that calibre can convert CHM into more useful formats.

Ah, yes, it does appear to be listed as a supported format in its documentation.

I would try that.

(Generally whenever I want to convert a document and am not sure how, I look to see if calibre can do it.)

Thank you very much TJ for your response. I tried calibre and while it can display and read the files, it does not understand the files very well. There are sections that though visible on windows go hiding on calibre. I will try the conversion option with calibre. Thanks!

I saw a couple scripts out there to convert CHM to PDF or other formats, but none of them seemed recent or well-supported.

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