"Capacities: A Studio for Your Mind"

A new one

Very Craft-like interface, with a touch of Tana thrown in in the way Capacities sets up templates. There are “Pro” features mentioned but apparently not yet released. Documentation is slim, but anyone who has kept up with note-making trends will know what to do.

Desktop app available.

I suspect this might have had another name at some point. Anyway, I like it – and would probably prefer it over Craft if Craft wasn’t part of SetApp. But neither Craft or Capacities will replace Obsidian for me.



I saw this app last year, and really liked it. The way all of it works is exactly what I want out of “Daily Notes” PKM. They have different categories, or silos, and they all funnel into dates. So when I go back and look at, Dec 14, 2021, I could see all the individual items I’ve saved across my “buckets” on that day in one location. This is a view I’d love to have in Notion, but only possible if you have a single master database (which is annoyingly hard to maintain).

Anyway, I’d love to use this app, but I’m uncertain of it’s future, and there is no mobile app, which I could workaround but I’d rather not have to. :blush:

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The developers release updates quickly and also have a very nice roadmap. It’s definitely one to keep an eye on.