Capital Y no longer displays, lower case y does

Starting in December, I noticed that I had some typos in emails, but attributed it to my error in typing. Then I noticed it was the same letter - capital Y. I thought my keyboard was broken, so I limped along without it for a couple of weeks until I could get a new keyboard (I set up a TextExapnder shortcut to insert it as needed). However, capital Y still didn’t work when I swapped keyboards. I thought it might be a reserved key in either TextExpander or Keyboard Maestro, but as much as I searched, I couldn’t find an instance where that letter was used. When I moved to a new computer, the Y still did not work, so then I started to worry, because new computer, new keyboard. I deleted Keyboard Maestro, but tht did not work. I did not delete TextExpander, because I have it on a Mac Air and the Y key works fine. How can I troubleshoot this further? I really need the Y back!

Absolutely bizarre!
Seems like you’ve ruled out a hardware issue.
Next thing I’d do is create a new user and see if the problem persists there (this will narrow it down to your user space or a system-wide issue). Then try disabling TextExpander just in case. Do you run anything else which messes with usb devices, like steermouse, karibiner, or some third-party mouse driver?

Weird. Maybe try booting in Safe Mode?

You don’t have to delete TextExpander since it’s an all. Just quit it. But I don’t think that’s it. Would agree that the next step is Safe mode. If that fixes it, you know it’s some installed software.

Tough one.

Also, poke around the Keyboard system prefer pane. See if you have something aet there.

I created a new user, and the capital Y works! I have a logitech mouse but not those other programs. Logitech did not ask me to install any software when I connected it - I am not using the bells and whistles as I just got it for ergonomic purposes. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks. I looked at all of those preferences, and the only one that even used a Y was a command-shift-Y for adding a new sticky note. I turned it off just in case.

Do you have Karibiner-Elements? If not, are you willing to install it temporarily? KE has a event viewer that might help.

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