Carbon Copy Cloner 7 launched, with the new CCC Mobile Backup for iOS/iPadOS

CCC 7 launched yesterday with a number of improvements, including a new mobile app for iOS that backs up photos and files on iOS/iPadOS devices to external storage, to a NAS found on the local network, or to the companion CCC 7 running on the desktop/laptop:


A question just to make sure that I understand the description correctly, the iOS app makes it possible to backup from a SD card to a SSD disk that both are attached to an iPad via USB (using a hub)?

Are the backups incremental?

As this was only released yesterday and is essentially v1, I have just briefly tested this and, no, it does not look like it will do incremental backups yet (it does a full mirror to the destination drive). However I would suggest you get in touch with the developers and tell them about the idea, I am sure they would like to cover that use case which seems to be quite common with photographers now that they have the initial version of the app.

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Oh, this is a step in the right direction. I still wish for the day I can hook up a hard drive directly to my iPad and run CCC to back up my device.

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