Cardhop Crashing

Can Anyone keep their Cardhop running? My system crashes on my Mac’s every day. I think the longest it has ever run is three days without crashing. I can’t even get into Cardhop on my MBP anymore??? I purchased because David loves it. Thank Goodness I didn’t purchase their Calendar app at the same time.

I’ve been running Cardhop for years and I don’t think I can ever remember it crashing.

Dear Chris; I haven’t been able to keep it running on any of my Mac’s for more than three days. I can’t even enter the program on my MBP. When it runs, it’s great. I also have stability issues with it on my iPad and iPhone. I guess I’m just upset, as I went all in on this and was going to also move to their calendar product as well.

I haven’t had any crashes with cardhop or fantastical. I’d recommend uninstalling and reinstalling as well as rebooting your machine.

Probably best to reach support


Never crashed on my laptop. Suggest you reinstall the app.

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I’ve had it running in my menu bar for years and it’s never crashed on me. I use it every day with no issues. I would also try reinstalling.

both apps have been rock solid for me. You might have corrupted application files. Would uninstall completely, do a first aid scan in Disk Utility, reboot and re-install. Should work then.

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I’ve had this problem with TextExpander on the Mac. The fix was to delete a plist file. Maybe there is a similar fix

Not experienced the crashing but I have had a problem with my large display overlapping the print dialog.