CardHop Not Syn With IOS Contacts

I noticed something today, and I very well could be wrong, but wasn’t CardHop syncing with IOS Contacts at one time?

Today, in my hustle of catching up on a backlog of work because we got busy dodging a hurricane, I accidentally entered a new contact in IOS Contact. Went to CrdHop later to add more info to that contact. Not there. Went to the IOS Contacts, not there either! Thought that I may have not saved it. Re-entered it in IOS Contact. Nope, gone again, and still not in CardHop. Entered it in CardHop, it stuck that time, but only there, not synced to IOS Contacts. Am I imagining that it used-to sync??

Running the latest App Store version of CardHop, not the beta that just dropped.

It still syncs. I just added a test contact to the Contacts app on iPhone, and it appeared in CardHop a few seconds later

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Doesn’t happen with me.

From your description the issue appears to involve saving to your local iOS Contacts database. iCloud is where the canonical Contacts data lives so if iOS/Contacts is having an issue saving to the local database, perhaps when it polls the database on iCloud that earlier version is confirmed (or pushed back down to the local database).

You can restore from iCloud Contacts too.

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Thanks y’all! I will chase the IOS end of it then and see what I have going on. :running_man:t2:‍♂:running_man:t2:‍♂:running_man:t2:‍♂

Uuuuuuuummmmmm, but fruit company, I ALREADY HAVE iCloud configured on both my iPhone and iPad. I use it several times a day!


Ok, now I am chasing my tail on this! :flushed::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

On iPad. My iPad shows that I am logged into the proper iCloud account. Verified by going to Utilities/Settings/ yep, that’s my mug on the iCloud account and all the information looks correct. If I step back out of there, go to Contacts, “My Card” has all the proper information and my mug. If I go to CardHop on my iPad, which is syncing again with Contacts, I guess because I downloaded their latest beta yesterday from TestFlight, there is my mug and proper information. If I go to on my iPad, it gives me the screen that I post the other day, (which doesn’t make since, and has given me that screen for awhile now).

On the iPhone, if I go to Utilities/Settings/ yep, that’s my mug on the iCloud account, and again, all the information looks correct. If I step back out of there and go to Contacts, “My Card” has a dummy name that I have in my Contacts, and the dummy information for that dummy contact. If I go into CardHop on my iPhone, and search for me, there I am, and everything is correct. If I check my Health App, it is all correct. If I go to on my phone, it goes straight to Find My Phone, and ask for a login, which I tried, it works, AND SHOWS not only my iPhone, but my iPad too :thinking:.

So, bottom line, any thoughts on WHY, first, going to on my IPad does not get me to the login screen, and second, why is my dummy contact showing up as “My Card” on my phone?

Steps taken:
On the phone. Logged out of iCloud, (saved data to phone). Logged back into iCloud, merged data. Not running any beta anything, other than CardHop.

It seems to me, that since both devices are apparently on the same iCloud account, and SHOULD sync, some ‘em is asleep at the wheel, (which could very well be me at this point).

I think the iOS contacts/Contacts database may be having issues. If your iCloud contacts data is accurate (which, as the canonical location for the data, it should be), one might think the Contacts app (and its data) could be deleted then repopulated from iCloud, then the app could be re-downloaded. Not so: although you can delete the Contacts app, iOS retains the database for use with the Phone app (which cannot be deleted). But there’s another way to do that, discussed below.

Re-download all contacts from iCloud

• Go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud >Turn the Contacts toggle off.
• You will be asked to delete or keep previously synced contacts. Choose “Delete from My iPhone”. If you’ve examined your contacts database on and it looks good then on’t worry, your data is safe.
• Restart your iPhone
• Go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Turn the Contacts toggle on. Now, your iCloud contacts should sync back afresh on your iPhone.

The other suggestion I have is

Clear Network Settings

Some people have reported that resetting network settings to defaults can clear up some types of sync issues.

• Go to Settings > General.
• Tap Reset > Select Reset Networking Settings.

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I will give this ago, and report back tomorrow.

Well, that didn’t work either. Step one, complete, no change. Step two complete, no change. Everything looks right on the iPad, (speaking of the “My Card” part). On the iPhone XR, the dummy Contact still shows as “My Card”, sooooo, I deleted the dummy Contact from the iPhone. Now i have no “My Card” on the iPhone, but it’s still correct on the iPad. Am I back to Windows 95 and Novell?? :flushed::see_no_evil::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::upside_down_face::innocent::sunglasses:

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RESOLVED!!! I caught my tail! :tada::tada::tada::tada::grin:

I contacted CardHop to see IF MAYBE the issue was their beta. They didn’t think so, but DID offer up a thing or two to check. Their ideas didn’t fix things either, BUT, it, (and y’alls advice), set me on the right track.

First, nobody knows WHY the “My Contact” on my iPhone changed to the dummy account. I can promise ya, I didn’t do that. I am very strict about having my information correct, for medical reasons, and no one else has access to my devices.

By digging deeper, (and sleeping on it), I found that I was ‘part-of-the-way’ out of the hole when I had deleted the dummy Contact, BUT, for reasons beyond my knowledge as to why, the Contacts db did not propagate the correct “My Card” setting from my iPad to my iPhone, even though they most definitely DO share the same account. I corrected the “My Card” on the iPhone by going to Settings/Contacts/My Info and then chose the correct person. Now, there I am, like I am ‘pose to be.

Did this really “fix it”? In my opinion, no. I much prefer knowing WHY that did not propagate across devices. :thinking:

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