Cardhop Sandbox Error

Is anyone else getting the error, “‘Cardhop’ can’t be opened because Sandbox is not allowed to open documents in Terminal” ? Do you know what can be done about it?


What version of Cardhop are you using? I was seeing an error when I launched Cardhop for Mac 2.2. Updating to Cardhop 2.2.1 resolved this issue.


I was having the issue, but I’m now on 2.2.1 and haven’t been seeing it. The release notes for that version suggest a fix for that issue was one of the updates.

To be honest, I hadn’t yet noticed that I’d been updated to 2.2.1, or that the issue had gone away (I only saw it on startup, and I hadn’t restarted in a while). I’d simply been ignoring the issue, and blaming it on the Ventura beta.


I wrote to the developers about this issue and they gave me a link to a downgraded version to tide me over until an updated version could be released… this was a couple weeks ago. Since then, the latest update should have fixed it. It did for me. Make sure you’re on the latest Release for the Mac.


I have just now updated to 2.2.1, so hopefully the issue is resolved. Thanks!

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