CarPlay and Apple Maps

I’m having a problem with the audio in Apple Maps when using CarPlay. Google Maps, Podcasts and Music all work fine. I tried Googling the problem but did not get any information that was useful. Any thoughts on how to resolve this problem?

What is the problem? And have you looked at Settings > Maps > Spoken Directions on your iPhone to see if that fixes it?

Yes I have. The only thing I haven’t done is resetting CarPlay itself. That’s next on my checklist . . .

I was seeing that as well for a while. I had to catch it right at the time it was providing directions and I quickly turned up the volume. The car seemed to have a setting (or CarPlay did) for just navigation volume. It was a little tricky at one point, but I eventually got it to the volume I preferred. Best wishes on turning things up or down as the case may be.