Carplay experience with iOS 13

I was so excited about Carplay’s split screen feature. However after a few days it stopped working completely.
I discovered that killing and restarting the Maps app on my phone made split screen work again.
My second issue with split screen isn’t so easy to fix. Let’s say I’m navigating and listening to a podcast using the split screen. I want to rewind or fast forward the podcast. There are rewind and fast forward buttons, but the touch targets are tiny. If I miss them, then I touch the rest of the podcast window and it takes over the screen, no more split screen. It’s easy to miss the buttons while driving due to their small size, bumps in the road, parallax due to the display being off to the side etc.
Third observation - now there’s a settings app and it lets you select Light Mode for Carplay, which was always dark before (unless I missed it). It can be set to auto, so light mode during the day dark mode at night, or temporarily dark when you go under a bridge.