CarPlay info/pitfalls for 2015 Crosstrek

Hey all, looking for recommendations about CarPlay for a 2015 Subaru Crosstrek? Any personal suggestions or pitfalls to be aware of? I’ve heard of issues with the backup camera so that’s something I’m curious about.

I did review The Wirecutter’s CarPlay suggestions and would appreciate any other advice or firsthand experiences!

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I dropped a Sony headunit into my Tacoma to add CarPlay. If the attached photos make you nervous, pay a shop to do it!

If not, I’d head over to Crutchfield and use their part picker to see exactly what you need to persevere as much factory functionality as possible. In my truck, the backup cam sill works, as do half of the steering wheel controls. I had to wire a mic in for voice control and calls but it was totally with it.


Did you have to run a lot of new wires under the hood or you basically used all the existing wires? Looks complicated.

I didn’t have to do anything under the hood, just wiring in the new harness and microphone in the A pillar

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The ONLY this about that photo that makes me nervous is that bottle of Coke sitting there amongst all that open electronics and wiring.

The battery of the truck was disconnected!

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Love it. What did you consider when choosing the Sony? I’m currently weighing this purchase myself, and leaning towards that one with the theory that a wireless option will be janky (and I won’t be touching my phone once plugged in, anyway.)

I wanted wired as I don’t have Qi charging in the truck. At the time, Sony was one of the few with a physical volume button.

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I had a 2017 Honda Pilot with CarPlay it was great except for the volume button wasn’t a knob you had to press the screen. I just got a 2020 Honda Pilot with CarPlay it’s great and Honda changed it so they now have the knob for the volume. I can’t recommend it enough a knob for the volume I think it’s great. Also I don’t know if this will be for CarPlay but you can now update Honda Software for the radio by just using an internet connection, I use the hotspot on my phone and it works great. I’m hoping I can update CarPlay also I’m September that way.

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