CarPlay notifications

Is there a way to customise notifications for CarPlay (without removing the app from it nor disable notifications on the phone)?

For example if I’m using the cars’ navigation system and receive a whatsapp message it immediately leaves the map view and goes to CarPlay screen.


For CarPlay enabled apps there’s a setting (Settings->Notifications->App Name->Show In CarPlay) that you can toggle. If it’s off then you won’t get any notifications for that app while connected to the car.

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That’s different to how mine behaves, the notification appears over the map and then disappears after around 30 seconds.
Map is always displayed.

Which Maps? The car’s maps or Maps from your phone?

Yes, I know about that one. But I don’t want to disable it.

Think it would make sense to be able to control how notifications are shown, not to gave to choose between show/not show the app

But guess that’s the only way :man_shrugging:

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