Carplay with iOS 12 support

Will Carplay accept iOS 12 once it’s been released or will there be a longer wait?

What do you mean? CarPlay basically lets the phone drive the screen. I’ve been using CarPlay whole I’ve been on the beta so I suspect you will have no issues. Enjoy!

Got it, thank you! I’m eager to use Waze on the car’s screen!

no wake support yet . beta testing only has started.

Carplay is part of iOS12… it’s not a separate app.

Carplay works great in my vehicle. And Google just updated it’s iOS Maps app to support Carplay. Now you can choose between Apple Maps and Google Maps.

I can now confirm that using a non-Apple nav app via Carplay is a cool experience. Just tried out the Google app on the Ford Escape’s infotainment screen during a short drive. Worked well and the iPhone only warmed up bit.

Looking forward to trying out Waze when they release it.