Carrying AirPods

David says he has some favorite pocket in his crazy cargo shorts, but here is a more universal pocket where iPods fit great. In fact, they are the first thing I’ve ever found that usefully fits in that fifth pocket!


You obviously never had an iPod Nano.


I remember that keynote! I sure miss Steve Jobs…

You are right that I never had a Nano, but do well remember that keynote!

Yes, that is exactly where I put mine.

I do not recall, who first mentioned it to me that this pocket is the perfect fit for the AirPods. It even might have been @MacSparky in an episode of the MPU podcast long ago. But I might misremember this…

Yup. In jeans, the coin pocket IS the AirPods pocket.

I find it annoying to carry it in my pocket because in places I use it most like the car or on an airplane, it is difficult to reach. I want to wear it as a necklace (best of both worlds when compared to neckbuds). Has anyone found a way to do this?

How nice do you want the necklace to be? Get yourself an inexpensive AirPods case with a keychain ring, loop the keychain ring through a thin chain you can wear around your neck. Voila!

I see women wearing their keys on a chain around their neck, and of course both men and women wear reading glasses that way. This would be similar.

This case seems like it would do the job and it’s well-reviewed: