Carrying drawing materials?

So… I’ve been working to practice drawing at least once every day or 2 even though I really suck at drawing. But I was wondering, what ways do other artists/wannabe artists carry for quick sketches your pencils, pens and other art materials?

Google provides endless options. I want to hear about what works for you.

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For watercolour, my wife has a little plastic paint tray/box that accepts blocks of paint. She has a malleable eraser in a small plastic box that slips inside the box neatly. She also bought a water brush so she doesn’t need a cup of water.

For sketching, she likes ink and so just carries around a selection in her pencil case. These will include a fine marker, but mainly she uses around 5 refillable pens with different nibs and whatever colour ink she likes at the time. She uses the water brush with these, too.

For paper, she buys decent art pads, postcard size.

Most her drawing now (the last 2-3 years probably) is done on her 9.7" iPad Pro with Procreate, though, because it’s no fuss and always there. It’s like that thing about the best camera being the one that’s with you, well she always has her iPad and Pencil nearby, so she just opens up Procreate, chooses her brush and gets going.

If you want to know any specifics, let me know and I can have a look when I’m at home.

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I recently ran across this article, How an Avid Traveler Chronicles His Adventures Through Illustrated Journals. As well as showing his beautiful journals, there are some shots of his tools and he talks about them very briefly in the article.

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Actually, quite good, I’d say @Wolfie

  • Sketchbook - Strathmore wirebound so fussing with bindings is not an issue – small.
  • Pencils - Caran d’Ache at least 3 hardnesses (2H, HB and 3B is what I prefer).
  • Pencil holder – cheapo is fine
  • Sharpener – one that collects the shavings for disposal later; you can throw in some emery boards too, which are helpful for honing a point when needed
  • Erasers – 1 kneaded and 1 block
  • Stumps – 2 or 3
  • Small chamois
  • A few tissues
  • Pouch large enough to hold the above & more when needed (e.g., charcoal or pastels) – I use gear pouches from Waterfield, because I’ve got some spares. Something of that general shape and sturdiness is good.

The two things not to scrimp on are good quality paper, and good quality pencils (or other drawing instruments)


I find this bag makes an appropriate “artist in the making” statement.

It carries the 11" iPad Pro.


Looks pretty darned good to me!

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OK stupid question here, what are stumps?

The iPad app I’ve been using for some stuff is Paper. I don’t have an iPad with a pencil of any type and drawing with my finger isn’t great. This is my rough sketch for the cover of my NaNo Novel,The Bat Fisher

Those are AWESOME!!! Amazing work. What a treat. Thanks for sharing that.

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