Cascadia Code - a new monospaced font from Microsoft

This has Programming Ligatures

Sadly I can’t figure out how to turn on Ligature support in BBEdit. (Found out later - Ligatures in BBEdit broke a MacOS version or two ago, and needs some work to come back)

Fira Code mentioned below is much cooler than the font I started this conversation about.



top two lines in Cascadia Code, bottom line in Courier. Width of Courier and Cascadia is a bit different, so I added the top line of numbers to underline that the ligatures really keep the spacing consistent.

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Cool just popped it onto Ulysses on my phone and I like the ligature on Markdown headings

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Hm. It has good differentiation between one, ell, and capital eye. E.g. 1lI <- ridiculous
I recently bought Dank Mono partially because it has good differentiation of these too.

I don’t like the lowercase c or a. Those would really annoy me if I had to use the font. And there are no accented characters? Those looks are definitely not my cuppa.

I don’t write code but I do most of my long-form writing with monospaced fonts. For years I used Consolas (originally part of Microsoft’s original ClearType collection), having gotten used to it for years because a custom version was embedded in BBEdit.
Then when I stopped using that app so much I got a bit promiscuous and spent a lot of time using Apple’s Menlo font. (That font was replaced by Apple with its San Francisco font.) But since 2018 I’ve been using the free Fira Code font, specifically Fira Code Retina, which I just find comforting to write with. It also has ligatures and accented glyphs, by the way.

Oh, and it just got updated a few days ago, too:

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For code, I prefer having slashed zeroes instead of dotted ones, but that’s just me.

Yeah, the “a” in particular looks like it was bonked on the back of its head.

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