Case recommendations for iPhone XR

I’m looking at upgrading my iPhone 6 this week, to an XR.
I almost want to make sure I have a case before getting the phone, just to be on the safe side.

Which cases do you use/recommend for your XR? I’ve been using an Otterbox on my 6, but don’t mind changing brands. I also don’t mind having a bulkier case. It really bugs me that Apple designs the phones to be so slippery, as if they want you to drop them to buy new ones.

Yeah, thin is great, but why not design it to be slightly more adherent (or give the user the option for a less-slippery finish)?

Ok, I’m ready for the onslaught of slippery-fingers jokes :slight_smile:

My wife and son both have Mous cases and really like them. Here’s the link for XR cases from them:

I recommend the cases from Silk
Had that for iPhone 8 and now XR.

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I have the Silk case for my iPhone XS Max and I like it a lot. I originally bought a more expensive, nicer-looking Incipio case but it was way too slippery so it’s in a desk drawer now.

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Wasn’t aware of just until now but they look really interesting. Do you know how satisfied your wife and son are/were with their cases?

I wouldn’t mind a bit more stylish version replacing my Otterbox default…


They both love the Mous cases.

No complaints, and they’re definitely much nicer to look at than the Otterbox.