Catalina 10.15.6

Hey Gang,

I wondered if anyone else is having trouble with the latest Catalina, 10.15.6? It seems since I installed, the OS has been incredibly unstable. I can’t work for a half hour before I get a super hard rest, the screen saying the Mac shut down because of a problem in various languages and a complete stoppage without warning. I’ve never known a Mac to do this before. It’s highly frustrating. It’s also for some reason ejecting my USB drives and then telling me I didn’t eject them properly when I never ejected them at all.

It was so bad I did a soft reinstall of the OS last week (no nuke and pave) and that doesn’t seem to have helped, either. After years of stability, this Mac is horrendous.

Any thoughts on how to correct would be really appreciated.

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I’m definitely having issues. Not as severe as the ones you are describing though. However, it seems my MBP has more problems waking up when it’s connected to the dock than before (it was never 100% okay). Also, when I select text in the finder (e.g. a folder name) the Finder freezes for a while. Not sure if that’s Cataline or PopClip related.

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If you’re still covered under AppleCare, contact Apple. I had similar problems show up right after the update to 10.5.4. It turns out that it was bad RAM and the timing was coincidental.


Sadly, I’m no longer covered. Mine is the first ever 27" Retina iMac. So… 2014? Anyway, I think I replaced the existing RAM a while back so that’s out. But it was completely fine until the upgrade. I’d leave it on and seldom shut it down at all. Now, every time I sit down it tells me it’s restarted ‘due to a problem’. Sigh. OK, so maybe RAM issues (although that’d be very coincidental indeed). I’ll explore that if I can’t get it sorted. Thank you for the feedback.

Different problems, but yes, 10.15.6 has been problematic. There seems to be a memory leak, and mine crashes most nights. I hope the update released in the last couple of days will resolve the issue.

I’m not suggesting that it’s necessarily RAM, as much as possibly hardware. The crash reports should give you some hint though.

Good luck!

I assume you all installed the supplemental update that was released recently? Supposedly that was intended to fix at least the kernel memory leak.


Well, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having those issues, but glad to report I haven’t had that as yet.

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Seems so. I just checked, and have no updates available.

BUT. I had a brainwave and put my two issues together and so I unplugged all of my external storage, and the system hasn’t spontaneously rebooted since. If that’s the cause, then it’s really weird. Setting aside for the moment that these drives have given not a moment of concern in the past couple years, I don’t know why an external drive failing would bring down the whole OS.


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