Catalina > Monterey: What functionalities have been retired?

Hello. We are getting ready to update our 2018 Mac mini from Catalina > Monterey and are wondering what features/functionalities have been retired.

We remember when Big Sur arrived, folks shared the features they noticed had been removed from the new MacOS.

We are curious to learn what Monterey users have noticed is no longer there.

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PHP has been removed in Monterey, but that’s easily fixed with homebrew.

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Since you’re going from Catalina to Monterey, you might want to scan what was new in Big Sur, since there were many changes and additions between Catalina and Big Sur.

That’s really interesting. I wonder if it’s just because M1 machines might take extra work to build it, and Apple didn’t want to jump through those hoops?

Reading their documentation it almost seems like every scripting language is viewed by them as a “legacy” thing - including ones that are, of course, current. :slight_smile:

My understanding that was planned for some time even before M1, and they were already using a very old PHP version - I don’t remember ever using the stock PHP version, always get it from homebrew.

I believe it’s about maintaining PHP in general not with M1 specifically.