Cellular iPad mini Cell Plan question

Piggybacking on this thread on Cellular or Tethering, I took back my iPad mini Wi-Fi only and grabbed a cellular/Wi-Fi version.

Perhaps a stupid question, but is it best to go with your cell provider and add a line or go with another provider? On Verizon, I’ll pay $20 per month for the privilege of having cell data on the device. Is there a better option?


It will likely depend on how much data you need, and on cell reception where you’re most likely to need data.

If T-Mobile works well in your area and you have modest data needs, they have a prepaid plan that’s $10 for 2GB a month. $20 would get you 5GB, but at that point it’s the same as what you’d pay Verizon, so you may be better off with your carrier in that case.

Whether you use the same provider or a different provider, to me, depends on your use case and whether there’s a benefit to having multiple coverage options and/or a different provider.

If you can’t articulate a clear benefit (cost, coverage, etc.) to having a different provider, I’d say go with whoever you have already. One less company to have to deal with. :slight_smile:

Verizon is offering a $200 Verizon gift card as a rebate for adding an iPad mini to a Verizon plan.

Thanks for the input. All good points, especially dealing with one less company and a $200 rebate offer!

I’ve always gone with my provider, but where I live it’s only 8€ per extra device for unlimited data. It’s been a good decision as I’ve had zero issues.

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Sorry acavender, I didn’t mean to reply to your post! This was meant as a general reply to the topic.

Only reason I would consider going with a different carrier is to get better coverage. My Verizon is usually good but I’ve found a few places where there was no coverage but AT&T was better.

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