Change active Safari Tab Group by shortcut

Hi Gang,

I try to get into contextual computing and am on the iOS 15 beta train.
I actually like the new Safari, since I often on the end of a work session want to save all relevant tabs for later.
So I created tab groups for all my contextes.
And I created focus modes for all my contexts.
But: is there a way to trigger change to a tab group by shortcut?

Both in the shortcuts app and in the safari developer documentation I didn’t find anything. Did maybe stumble someone over a special url-schema or has any alternative ideas?

I don’t believe so. On iPadOS 15 I’ve only been able to find cmd+opt+[ and cmd+opt+] to cycle between tab groups once in Safari, and of course that can’t be automated. What you describe would be a great feature!

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I opened a feedback. Id is FB9539470 if someone wants to do something about it.

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I followed up on your feedback as well. After playing with tab groups more, I think autocomplete within browser is also badly needed. Once you get beyond 3-4, opt+cmd+bracket cycling isn’t efficient enough, in addition to automated approaches. Since tab groups are first class citizens (e.g. they are mentioned when you long press the tab bar, not reading list) they should be more full-featured.

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