Change Default PDF Viewer on iPad?

After just completing @MacSparky’s Paperless Field Guide 2.0, I decided to give PDFPen Pro a second chance having moved to PDF Expert several years ago. However, on my iPad I can’t figure out how to change the default “Open In” on my iPad. I don’t want to delete PDF Expert. I want PDFPen to be my default for my experiment. Is there a way to change this behavior?

I can select PDFPen but the default “Open In” is not changing.

image image

I do not think so, and I’m not sure how iPad OS decides what the default app would be for this.

If you tap “More” to the right of PDF Pen in the screenshot, and then add PDF Pen to favourites, and then drag it to the top, it becomes default.


Thanks @Rob_Polding. I was doing that but it was still defaulting to PDF Expert when starting from the Files app but the issue seems to have resolved itself after opening a few more PDFs. Thanks again!

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