Change default RSS app on OSX Catalina?

Hey guys. I’m using Readkit as an app for Feedbin, Instapaper, and Pinboard on my new MacBook Pro. But I can’t change Readkit to my default RSS app. Every time I try it just reverts back to Apple News. Does anyone here know why that would be?

Not sure if it’s a Readkit problem or an OS X problem honestly. I would prefer to set Feedbin as my default RSS app but it doesn’t have a native app. I only use the web interface.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks for listening!

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I’ll be interested in any information about this. I’ve thought that Mac OS X ditched RSS support many years ago, so there should be no concept of a default RSS app. And I can’t point News to an RSS feed, so if it uses RSS it’s not presented to the user.

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SwiftDefaultApps might be worth checking out.

Latest version is available at

I find that the “Applications” tab works best. Click it, then scroll down to find “ReadKit” and then make sure the box next to “feed” is checked [ :heavy_check_mark: ]


I’ll give that a try and report back. Thank you!

It worked. Thanks so much for your help.

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