Change Mac Mail default zoom level?

Years ago I changed from macOS built-in mail to Microsoft Outlook because Microsoft added a setting for default zoom level.

Now I wish to change back, but I still can’t find this on macOS mail.

Note that I am not referring to changing the fonts used to view email, but in the email preview panel, I can press CMD-key and the plus-key ("+") several times to make emails more comfortable to view on 27" iMac.

The default viewing font is so tiny, but I want to set a zoom level as a default. It is very tiring to have to press cmd++ multiple times for every new email I am viewing.

I know I can rig up a gesture with BTT or a KMM alternative, but after all these years, is there no way to simply change the default viewing zoom level?

(I’ve looked briefly at macOS Ventura beta, and thought with all the love it is getting for adding some features to mail this might be included, but didn’t see it)

I don’t think you can set a default zoom in Mail, which is not good. You can set the minimum and base font sizes, but not 100% of my incoming mail adheres to those settings. Most does.

See Mail/Preferences/Fonts and Colors

I‘ve set up a KM Macro on my StreamDeck.
Not perfect, but very comfortable…

Doesn’t this affect the font size in outbound new messages I create? (Haven’t experimented with this recently, but that used to also be frustration that font settings were not separate for viewing versus creating emails?)

Yeah, I was hoping for something better.

FWIW, Microsoft is destroying Outlook with the new UI and a product manager told me that eventually the nag screen would go away and they would force the new UI on everyone, so trying to get ahead of that.

Sad they are choosing to mess with Outlook. Now Excel is the only Microsoft app I still prefer and enjoy using on the Mac.

Yes, it affects outgoing mail, but Mail’s headers allow the recipient’s setting to override, in Gmail, and Outlook for Exchange (I checked first).

That’s a non-starter for me. There are simply too many email systems and no real standards.

I got accused of “shouting” years back when I tried using that setting. Not worth angering potential clients or prospects with non-standard email.

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Would “Use scroll gesture with modifier key to zoom” be any easier? It’s on the Zoom Accessibility panel.

This has bugged me for years on all Mac applications, not just mail. When I select, say, a 12 point font I expect it to be 12/72” high when printed, one PRINTER’s point being 1/72 inch or thereby. When I have a screen magnification / zoom of 100% it should be the SAME size. How many screen PIXELs high the font is a matter of the screen dpi; why can’t Apple get this right….

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Tried a few things and went with using BTT to map pinch-to-zoom in and out to cmd++ and cmd±

(My desk setup has a mouse on the left, keyboard in the middle, and touchpad on the right, so using the touchpad gesture works for me.)

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