Change print to PDF background color

Hi. Printing to PDF always end up in white background, is there a way to change default to another color? Just background instead of invert entire PDF color.

From what I could find, need to download Adobe Reader or Skim to set background color of PDF.

That’s an interesting question. I noticed that when producing PDFs out of the v2 Affinity products that they show the background as transparent in the preview, suggesting there is actually a “paper” layer that is included, or inferred, behind all the content.

It has never occurred to me before to want to change this, but I guess it’s like the Safari views that you open in an application that’s in dark mode and the whole screen goes white for half a second, blinding you if you’re in a dimly lit room.

I did find this page which suggests you can do it in Acrobat Reader. Maybe some other PDF software can do it, too. I searched on “PDF page color”.

Yeah, like mentioned in my initial post that adobe acrobat reader is required from what I could find. Was hoping for much lighter app or somehow able to set via some scripting.

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D’oh! I read your OP as “Adobe Acrobat”, as in the full version.

Yeah, I would think it doesn’t take much, but is perhaps not a commonly required feature. PDFs are mostly text inside the file, so I wonder if there is some value you could change by means of a unix command.