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Hi there,

i put the downloads-folder of iCloud in the sidebar of my finder in macOS.
I’d like to change the little gray icon from standard folder icon to the downloads icon (Gray circle with down arrow).
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Do you know how to do that?


This is the third ‘how do I change an app/disk icon’ question in the last 24 hours. :face_with_monocle:


I did this. It changes the icon of the folder. But not the one on the sidebar. See here:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-13 um 13.18.30
I just want another sidebar-icon. The standard icon should stay the folder-icon with the circle and arrow on it.

Works for me, but since it doesn’t work for you, then I deleted my stupid suggestion.

Maybe @bowline knows a better thread for this.

First make sure it’s the folder macOS actually thinks is the official downloads folder.

If so, then turn off its presence in Finder Preferences.

(If it remains in the sidebar drag it out and release to make it disappear in a puff of ‘smoke’.)

Then choose it again in Finder Preferences. It might or might not immediately reappear there; if not I’d restart. If it still doesn’t reappear manually re-add the icon by dragging the folder into the sidebar.

Sorry. No offence. I am very happy with everyone in this forum! Thank you for your time and effort.

Sorry. I don’t get the first step.
I do find the go menu. But how do i trick the mac that it thinks that iCloud/Downloads is the official downloads folder.
Thank you so far!

Sorry, I didn’t realize you wanted to apply a different icon to that folder. (I thought your Downloads icon wasn’t showing the correct icon.)

I don’t think you can change the iCloud icon to a custom icon in the Finder sidebar. It was something you used to be able to do with Xtrafinder but that app only works now if you turn off System Integrity Protection (SIP) which I do not recommend.

The icons are here – as part of the system library.


look for the sidebar*.icns files. Perhaps not replaceable?

From what I understand SIP makes them impervious to change in Catalina (and perhaps earlier OSes).

I thought of using some folder icons from the older OS X days and couldn’t find any. Anyone here know of an online archive? Would be cool (and totally useless) to use them! Thanks

EDIT: I should have clarified earlier that I am referring to folder icons and not sidebar icons.

In the sidebar? How?

Sorry, I meant regular folder icons. Didn’t want to create another thread on it but should have clarified.

“Older”? I’d check the torrents. Here is one set from 10.6 that I found in by googling download original Mac icns folder

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