Change voice control language on iOS: can it be done?

Hi all,

I was intrigued by the voice control commands but hit kind of a roadblock. On all my devices I use English as well as German. While English is the primary choice on my Mac, my phone happens to be set to German. While looking through the settings I noticed that voice control language is set to English, even though the phone itself is set to German. If I tap, nothing happens. Does anyone know if this is expected behaviour, or how I could tackle this…? In an ideal scenario I’d be able to change languages on the fly.

I’d appreciate any help.

I see the same on my phone. My landis set to English UK but the only option I have is English US.

On my iPad I am running the latest beta of iPadOS and on that device I can switch the voice commands to English UK.

It would appear that this works in iOS 14 but not in iOS 13 (assuming that they do not change this between now and the first release of iOS 14).

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Thanks @darranwest for the insight. I guess it’s just a matter of waiting and hoping, then :wink: