Changes COVID-19 Has Foistered on Me

I’m not sure that foisted is the right word, but I have changed my mind about several things as a result of COVID-19.

  • I am not a fan of social media so I had deactivated/deleted my SM accounts a long while ago. However, given the situation and the need to stay in contact with far flung family and friends, and given how much information is on SM (good quality as well as poor), I concluded that I need to be engaged in SM, so back on FB, Instagram and Twitter. BUT, I severely limit my time ~ five minutes/day for each.
  • I’m becoming a Slack devotee. I was being swamped with emails and text messages from all directions. I concluded that that was nuts. By using Slack I can consolidate internal “emails” and text messages into defined channels on one platform. I’ve also integrated Slack with Asana, Zoom, and Google Drive. I must admit, it is working well.
  • I’ve forcing myself to learn Screenflow. I’m finding the need to make videos and screencasts for my staff and others. So, necessity is the mother of invention. :slight_smile:

I have a feeling that these new workflows will stick after the pandemic has passed.


Those sound like some good changes. I cleaned my basement office area and (almost) have a proper home workspace again and part of a recording area set up. I’ll be making a few more changes, but I’m hooked on making good use of this space for the first time in years!

I’m doing more social voice chat with people who don’t live near me. As we’ve found rhythms, they’ve gotten shorter and more impromptu. This is a good new addition to my social habits (not much of a casual phone conversationalist.)

My software tools haven’t changed much yet other than finally setting myself up to use Excel and Word on the iPad Pro.

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