Changing default time increment in calendar apps?

Does anybody know how to change the default time increment on iCal or BusyCal? On iOS first, but MacOS too if possible.

(NB. I am not talking about the default duration of events - I’m talking about how the calendar snaps to times when you move events about.)

I like to drag my timeblocks about, but in both iCal and BusyCal it defaults to 15 min time intervals in the calendar view, so e.g. if I want to move a block to start at 20 past, I have to open the event and change the time manually. I’d like to set the time increments to be 5 mins (or even 10 mins if that’s not possible) so that I can drag to the correct start time without having to open the event. I thought zooming in might make the time increments smaller, but it doesn’t change.

If this is not possible in these apps, is there a calendar app that does allow for setting the default time increment in the calendar view?

(I did wonder if this is a limitation of the underlying calendar - in this case an iCloud calendar, so if there is a setting I need to change in my Apple account instead please say!)


Interesting question. At a glance, I don’t see an option to change that in Fantastical or the iOS Gmail app. I suppose you could submit a feature request to BusyCal and see how they respond.

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I think you might need to ask BusyCal support.

In BusyCal you can hold down shift and drag an event in day and week views to change its start times by increments of 60 seconds (1 minute).

That could be a solution for your case.


This is brilliant, thank you!