Changing how I work (NOT a CV19 discussion)

Hi team.
I eventually concluded that as a doctor in clinical practice (GP or family medicine, depending on your location!) I was trying to apply the techniques discussed and failing because actually I’m at work seeing patients most of the week. (& so massively overestimating how productive I can be at other stuff in the time remaining).
What’s interesting is that as a result of the current situation (let’s not discuss that - I come here to get away from it) is that I am working entirely from home, via Skype, zoom, WhatsApp, Outlook, and our clinical software system. Now my job has always been a mix of managing teams and seeing patients, but suddenly all the things you guys have been saying make sense now I’m applying them to a day rather than the 2hrs after I get home in the evening.
I’m block scheduling. Being much more structured. Massive step up in routines. Scheduling time away, exercise, and somehow (it’s early days) managing to be much more disciplined. What happened?!
Anyway, thank you - to the whole crew for your insights over the years - they are much appreciated.
I’m tempted to ask for your No1 top tip - what is the apparently crazy but really effective thing that makes your day work from home?


Write down tomorrow’s tasks at the end of the day. Then trust yesterday’s you to get you started rather than trusting overly optimistic morning you


Get a good wireless noise-cancelling headset and walk around while talking – avoids the tendency to fiddle with the computer while talking to someone, helps focus, and adds a bit of necessary exercise.


Put on regular street clothes, including shoes.
The shoes seem to be important (to my brain).

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