Charging issues iPad Pro 2018

Hi gang,

I am experiencing intermittent problems with charging of my 2018 iPad Pro. Using a Satechi USB-C charger and the Apple cable supplied in the box, charging indicator does not light up. Just leaving it plugged in confirms that no charging is happening. The only connection I can make is that this seems to happen in connection with me using an external USB-C hub.

Fun thing is that charging IS happening when the same cable is attached to the USB-C hub, but using this option causes my iPad to spontaneously reboot itself. I have successfully used the same hub for hours on end, watching Netflix through the HDMI adapter, so this is all very strange.

Possibly, the whole USB-C support is not all there, but wondering if anyone else are experiencing similar issues and what, if anything, you did to fix the problem. (Just received the 12.1.1 patch and will update today, but the release notes mentioned nothing about this possible bug being fixed.)


Sounds like the Satechi charger isn’t up to snuff. What happens when you use the charging brick and cable that came in the box?

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Once it stops charging, the Apple supplied brick isn’t working either.

Following the 12.1.1 update and reboot, the charging was immediately working again. Same Satechi charger, same cable… This is why I am suspecting a software issue.

This charger can deliver up to 60w and also has support for high speed chi-charging.

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