Charging our Apple devices: I’m questioning my assumptions

When it comes to power, I’m a relatively dumb guy using some pretty smart power supplies. But with a new 16" MBP, I thought it was time to challenge my assumptions about powering Mac devices in 2019. I have been holding firm to three assumptions about charging devices. I feel good about the first two, but am very nervous about the third. My three beliefs about powering Mac products are:

  1. It’s okay to charge an Apple device with a power source rated at a higher wattage, because the device will only pull the watts it needs. I can charge my iPad Pro with my MacBook Pro charger and I will not damage the iPad.
  2. It’s okay to charge an Apple device with an Apple charger of lower wattage when the device is off or asleep. It will take longer to charge (potentially much longer), but I will not harm the device.
  3. It’s okay to plug a MacBook Pro into a charger of lower wattage while using the device. I can use a 60W charger instead of the new 90+ watt charger on the 16" MBP. It means that the device will potentially not charge the battery, but it will slow the drain down. It is better than not being plugged in at all (if my battery is dying), and it will not harm the computer.

So, smarter people than I, do I have that right? As I said, I’ve been comfortable with 1&2, but still a little superstitious about 3. But I’m old enough to remember a time when we had a seperate charger for every gadget, and you could never mix them up.

Any experience or input would be welcome!

IMHO, you are exactly right. An example of #2 is using a 5w phone charger on an iPad. If the display is off it will charge but not when it’s on.

Yes. See below from the Apple website/store.

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