Charging station for iPhone, iPad and Kindle (and AirPods!)

Spring cleaning and time to tidy up! I am looking for a charging station where I can put my iPhone and iPad at night. I have a small table in my hallway where I want to put it. When I look at charging stations on Amazon like this one with six slots, it’s overkill.

I’m also leery of these brands I never heard of. If there were an Anker option, I’d buy it! Does anyone have a station they are happy with?


Here is the Anker charge block I use. Great for travel. Just pull the plug and leave all the cords in. I have a bag that I just wind it all up into that goes in my backpack. In Europe I just need to use 1 European adapter to take care of all my devices. Bonus: It has a USB-C slot for the new iPads. If you don’t need that you can get the lesser option with no USB-C. I like that it doesn’t plug into the wall and uses a fairly long cord. That often helps.

I have that block on my desk! It can look a little messy if you don’t corral the cables, but the capability is wonderful. I have a Satechi which is similar but has 2 USB C ports (one of which outputs 60W) for travel, I found that the idea of being able to just pull the brick out for travel was great, in reality I like to pack in advance which means no more charger on my desk :smiley:

I’m personally looking for a stand I can seat my iPad in on my desk while it’s charging, perhaps a Compass from TwelveSouth has my name on it :slight_smile:

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Oh my, that was an unfortunate looking piece of technology.

I have a Satechi charger much like Rose (only a single USB-C port on mine) and Ilike it a lot.

Earlier, I mounted a charger and drew cables inside a table with a hinged lid over a storage tray. Very simple to do if you choose to try it. It also hides the devices away for a while.

We have an Anker block too but attached to the back of our dresser with 3M a command strip. So we just have usb cables appearing from behind. Then we set the lengths to where we wanted them and put them through a cable management block to keep it tidy.


@macgenie I’ve found that most of the stations I’ve tried haven’t been great, and I’ve returned a lot of them (thanks Amazon) due to various different defects.

One thing I have done in the past is made my own solution out of something I had in the house. I created a station out of an old watch case I had which housed my phone, watch, iPad, and iPhone on an Anker wireless charger. Worked well for me at the time. My needs have changed, so I’m using other things.

In my experience, rolling your own type of unique solution and putting in the time to make it has yielded the best overall results.

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@KevinC I bought the Anker block, and now I’m ready to organize those cables. Which variety of Command product do you use? It looks like the Small Clip would be right.

We just used the large strip itself rather than any of the actual plastic parts. It is out of sight so not a problem to have the release tab hanging out uncovered.

Thank you, Kevin! And everyone else for helping me sort this out.

I can also recommend that Satechi charger too, 75w-capable and it means I just need that plus USB-C cables (and a USB-C to Lightening) when travelling to charge my Thinkpad X1, iPad Pro and iPhone.

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