Cheap long lasting (EU) data plan? (iPad Cellular)

For quite a while I have been using a regular phone subscription on my iPad Pro 10.5" Cellular to get data on the go (10 GB for €12,50/month; average use is less than 2 GB/month). However, due to the ongoing pandemic I suspect to still travel less in 2022 (my main cellular use case is browsing on the iPad during train rides in the weekends).

Does anyone know a cheap, but long lasting, (EU) data plan for data?

(most dataplans are only valid for 14/30 days it seems and even then they are way more expensive than my current subscription)

Note: my iPad has a physical SIM slot and an embedded Apple SIM, but no eSIM.

PS: I have unlimited data on my iPhone; maybe I should just try its hotspot again? (My previous iPad was WiFi only)

My phone provider offer a duplicate SIM for 8€ a month that uses the same unlimited data and number as my phone. This is from Telefonica.

My carrier offers a second SIM card (one-time purchase) where only one of the two cards can be active at a time (it is meant for carkits). I have used that option when I had a WiFi-only iPad. In fact, I have considered doing that again, but they claim that this option is not compatible with my Apple Watch subscription (so I had to chose between the tablet or the watch and chose the watch).

I hope that in the future I can add my iPad (or any other tablet) to my phone subscription like currently can (only) be done with smart watches (for an additional monthly charge).

That’s a pity. My provider don’t have any such limit - I have an iPhone, Apple Watch and two iPads using the same number and data.

The embedded Apple Sim should be an eSIM. Only first-gen iPad Pro had a physical Apple Sim in the device. See if under Mobile Data you have an option “Add a New Plan” in which case you can use eSIMs.

Have you checked out the global eSim from Dent?

PAYG with 365 days validity throughout all of Europe and other countries… Use and pay what you need and top-up any time you run out…

Dent supports:

  • Apple iPad Pro 11 inch and iPad Pro 12.9 inch (3. Gen. or later)

I’m afraid my iPad does not support eSIM, but I’d love to be wrong on this.

(I can only add GigSky, which is via embedded Apple SIM I think)