Choosy vs OpenIn for Handling Links

I have used Choosy for about 6 years for configuring which brewer or app links should open. The UI is a bit dated but the rules are easy to set up and it hadles multipule Chrome profiles well.

A few of the rules i set up in Choosy were

  • Opening all Slack Links in my Work Chrome Profile
  • All Home Assistant-related links to the correct chrome profle
  • Open Twitter links in Messages or Safari in Tweetbot (RIP)

While it had not seen an update in years one was just pushed out recently and it still works fine,

Recently, read about an app called OpenIn which seemed interesting. So I bought the app but i haven’t checked out the configuration yet.

Has anyone made the jump or how are you handling links and browsers? Even has a keyboard maestro power user I still found i preferred to handle link opening via a separate app but I know KM has the ability.

I use bumpr for email and web links.

Choosy works for me, so I’ve not given it any thought for changing. It’s a program that loads in the background and does what it has to so I’ve not looked for another app.


Choosy has been so rock solid for me, I’ve never even thought about switching.

I often forget I have it set up, until I’m on another computer, or it occurs to me to set up a new rule.

To me it epitomizes a great Mac utility: It does one thing well, makes it easy, and otherwise stays out of my way!


A bit offtopic: Never tested Choosy, OpenIn, bumpr (or anything like that) as I only use Safari.

My problem with macOS’ handling of links was that they almost never opened where I expected them to show up. After searching (over and over again) I couldn’t believe that there was no solution to this annoying behavior. Some AppleScript fixed it. Maybe this will help users who only use Safari.

Yeah I use OpenIn, works exactly as you’d expect. Opens links in your preferred app dependent on conditions. Pretty straightforward and works great.

I did try Choosy, but I can’t remember why I swapped it now. I have a feeling it was acting up at some point.

I did try using KM at one point, but it was one of those situations where a dedicated app handles things so much more efficiently in term of UI, so it didn’t make sense to use it vs OpenIn.

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I moved to OpenIn mainly because it was free with Setapp and because it seemed more powerful but I’m really not using anything that wasn’t already available with Choosy. I felt it was a bit overkill although it my have been useful to have a demo of how to make use of it.

Interesting to see how you use it for Slack. Do you find it useful to have home/work profiles in Chrome (or other browsers)? I’ve yet to make use of this feature.