Christmas Card Management

Anyone have a system they love? I’ve been keeping addresses and using a #holiday tag in Workflowy to remember who I sent cards to, and this year it’s just not working. I’m not sure what’s changed, but it’s been cumbersome enough that I’m considering a new approach.

I wish I could think of something brilliant, but exporting a spreadsheet of addresses, and then putting an x or a one in a done column works for us! I’ve never tried to keep contact information in Workflowy, though. I love that app.

I set up a database to look for a job and used mail merge which was really pretty cool. You might be able to do something along that line with the envelopes. Initially it is a good deal of work but once you do it it is a cinch.

I use a group in Contacts, and update it as time goes on. It is, after all, what the app was created to do :slight_smile:


like @anon41602260 I use a group in Contacts. I just count how many I need and do them all in one go as oon as I’ve written the Christmas letter that everyone gets. I print out the mailing labels and then then as I stuff the envelopes I write the perosnal greeting and other notes on each one. As cards come in I read them and verify the address I have in contacts and update as necessary.

I also have a list that have requested emailed PDF cards so I just gather their emails and do them individually.


I’m late to this thread, but I like the idea of managing the list from contacts. Anyway to share a contacts list? My wife mainly uses the iPhone and with iOS not allowing contact grouping this seems like something I could easily edit on Mac, but would be nice for a shared list.