Chrome Auto Fill Stopped Working

Hello friends, I am the new member of this forum and I am going to post a thread here about Windows. I don’t know whether it is applicable to post here. If any mistake, please apologize me.

I am encountering a weird issue on my Windows 10 computer that the Google chrome auto-fill stopped working. I checked the account if it is synced or not and it was synced. Then I don’t understand what could be the issue. Has anyone encountered such kind of problem before? Please help me to solve the issue.

Welcome to the MPU community! I am no Chrome user, but there are quite recent articles online that deal with this issue:

Especially the first one has quite useful suggestions.

It starts with turning several options off and on again and it ends with creating a new profile (which of course can be quite a hassle, but it can become a necessity eventually with many browsers).

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Thank you for sharing such informative articles, yes the first one is very useful than 2nd. Actually one of my friends shared an article (here) with me and after following the entire article properly, the problem got solved.

Actually, after posting the thread here, I did not open the forum and then my friend shared the article with me. I simply followed the Never saved exception method and reset the chrome browser. Anyway thank you so much.

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