Chrome Error: "Network Change Detected"

Any recommendations on dealing with Chrome frequently giving me a “Network Change Detected” error? This does not happen with any other browser.

I have tried:

    • Disabling all plug-ins
  • Updating Chrome

  • Quitting and Restarting Chrome

  • Turning computer off and on

  • Clear Chrome Cache

  • Verify no Proxy set up for Chrome

Your attempts to fix a problem with Chrome did not include the best one: “Stop using Chrome.” :rofl:


One thing I would do is reboot your router. Other browsers may not be complaining about this but it doesn’t hurt as a troubleshooting step. The other browsers may not be as sensitive.

Additionally, is this only happening at home or out and about as well? If at home only, the. It could be network related.

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I did reboot the router

It happens with my desktop computer so I don’t know about other networks. But my laptop works fine on the same network.

Sometimes I am tempted - but the extension support is too helpful

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