Chrome Keeps Asking Permission to Open Devonthink

I run DEVONthink 3 on two separate Macs and have done so for a while.

One one of the two computers, suddently Chrome keeps asking me for permission to Open DEVONthink every time I use the DT3 web clipper or go to an X-Link for a DT3 item. The problem does not happen on other browsers. It only happens to one of my two computers. I reset all settings in Chrome and the problem persists.

Thoughts on why?

Seems reminiscent of an old (non-Chrome-related) issue with Devonthink:

If it’snot Devonthink-related you might have a corrupt Chrome profiler. Try restoring settings


DT3 suport says it is not related to their code

Whether it is DT3 or Chrome, what is odd is that it works fine on one Mac - I only have the problem on one of my two main Mac computers

I did a Chrome Reset but the issue persists

It used to work on this computer and just recently started asking this question - there must be some security setting that somehow got changed