Chrome Tab Switcher Extension is Amazing for Keyboard Lovers

Just started using this (literally hasn’t been five minutes) and I’m blown away. Hat tip to for the link:

All you do is CMD-shift-K and a super efficient dropdown opens where you can type any letters in the name of a tab to switch super fast. It’s brilliant.


Lots of tab switchers for Chromium apps, that looks like a good one. What impressed me more is that the same dev created an extension to skin Gmail to resemble Google’s discontinued (and in my mind superior) Inbox.

(Another good tab switcher is Tab Manager Plus, which is also available by the dev for Firefox.)


@pendolino >> that is a very nice tool, he says as he stares at the 45-odd tabs open in his Safari browser… :sunglasses:

So here’s a tip for Safari users, that I literally just discovered as I was checking if this could be done in Safari, in response to your post:

  • In Safari, hit Shift+Cmd+\ to bring up the “Show Tab Overview” window.
  • Start typing the name of the tab, and watch the options narrow down – with a visual representation being displayed of all the tabs that match what you are typing.
  • If you add enough specificity in what you are typing, you will be left with a single “window” displayed, that can then be clicked on, to be taken to that specific tab.
  • Type a bit less, and the visual representation is still large enough to easily find the one you want, one-click away.
  • Hitting Shift+Cmd+\ toggles between showing, and hiding the Tab Overview window.

Did not know about this – thanks for the push in Safari – and nice find in Chrome!


Good find! I only just switched back to safari because chrome seems to be slow especially when tabs start to get more. Cleared add ons, cache but still slow :unamused:

I routinely have a couple of dozen tabs open in Brave (a Chromium app) and did as well with Chrome, never had slowness issues. Chrome’s one longstanding issue is that it tends to ‘leak’ RAM so if you have limited RAM it could suck up a disproportionate amount over time. That said, there are fixes like The Great Suspender, a free and open-source Google Chrome extension; once enabled it will automatically suspend tabs that have not been used for a while, freeing up memory and cpu that the tab was consuming.

Thanks for the reply & advice. Will give that a try. No idea why chrome slows down quickly while the similar tabs on safari runs ok. So annoyed that I stopped using chrome.

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That is magic! Thanks!


Great tip! I hadn’t paid attention to that one but you’re right Gmail is getting way too cluttered.

I must be the odd duck, not the first time mind you. :slight_smile:

For tabs that I want to get to frequently, even if for a short period of time, e.g., for research, I either pin and or bookmark. I seldom have more than five or six tabs open at one time in my browser. For my workflow, I don’t see the point. Pinning a tab gives me immediate quick access and it’s just as easy as tab switching. But, like I said, I must be the odd duck on this one.