ChronoSync Scheduling: Looking for Ideas

Apologies in advance for a rather long post but I’m looking for ideas or suggestions, here is my use case. I use ChronoSync (CS) to backup folders from my Mac to my Synology NAS. These tasks run daily and are scheduled within CS. Works great UNTIL I’m not on my home network at which point the the NAS folders aren’t available so the task fails. I wrote to Econ Technologies, the CS vendor, who said I could write an AppleScript to check the network SSID and stop the task if not on the home network. Was also thinking if I might be able to use Keyboard Maestro or Shortcuts to invoke using the SSID and time based triggers to invoke CS.

Any suggestions on best approach and degree of difficulty? Anyone else had and solved this problem another way?

Thanks In advance.

Frankly, I just let the task fail due to the target not found. it usually is found next try. i set up a schedule that has a relatively high probability of not failing too often.


I am not actively using ChronoSync, but this might work

tell application "System Events" to set theDisks to the name of every disk
set theNAS to "home" // insert your own NAS home name if different
if theNAS is not in theDisks then
	error "noNAS" // this gets logged, so change the message to whatever you wish
end if

This would go into the Options > Scripts section of the Synchronizer settings.

Use Trial to test.

Thanks for the suggestion, that is what I have been doing but I trigger an email alert from CS when it fails and when I am away from home for an extended period of time it became a bit annoying. Admittedly it isn’t a big annoyance just thought I could come up with a better solution. Thanks again for the suggestion.

Ok, that is a good alternative… Checking for the NAS disk being attached vs being connected to the home network. Clever, thanks… I’ll tinker with it…

Re the annoying mails while away … Yea, I see that also. I have a rule in Apple Mail to delete all those incoming emails about a failed sync due to no target available. And I set my deleted emails to automatically erase after a month–which gives me plenty of time to see those (and other deleted emails) if I want.