Chronosync vs. Chronosync Express — worthwhile speed difference?

I’ve been playing around with Chronosync Express (via Setapp) as a Time Machine replacement to back up my MacBook to my Synology NAS. (The short explanation is that Time Machine takes so long to get past the “Preparing Backup” stage that I’m often closing my laptop before it even gets past that stage.)

I’ve read the comparison between Chronosync and Chronosync Express, and the only added feature that I might be interested in is the speed difference. Does anyone have any experience with the two, to comment on that?

I haven’t used Express but have been happily using Chronosync since 2005 or so, with free updates the whole time. I’d just go for it - you’ll find uses.


If you have a large block of data to move frequently, then speed matters of course, and Chronosync not-Express would be a good idea. If you move a large block of data initially but then only increments later on, then Express is probably fine – though the initial backup might be too long and then you’d also want the not-Express version. If your needs are light (say, < 1GB/day) then go for Express.

You can always upgrade later if Express turns out to be too time consuming.

Thanks Derick and Ed. I’m only minutes into using it, so I’m going to see how it goes and then make a decision. I appreciate the suggestions.

I just bought it as well. Haven’t dug in yet but since there was only a roughly 20 dollar difference between Express I jumped up.

I’ll be doing a lot of folder syncs and I’m contemplating Backblaze.

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