Circle View Disconnection Problems

Does anyone here use Logitech’s outdoor Circle View cameras?

I have two set up right now commenced to a 4 satellite Linksys Velop system, which is overkill by far, with CenturyLink “Gigabit” internet. I have full wifi signal at each camera but they won’t stay connected and show as not available from time to time when try to go to Live Mode, but will refresh the static picture in the Home app.

Any ideas what the problem could be?

Possible there is a DHCP issue or mis-configuration that results in the device being kicked off the network?

I’ll have to look into that. The two cameras have network priority but that didn’t help anything.

It appears that the problem was the Linksys Wifi 5 Mesh Network. I reconnected all of my home kit accessories to my CenturyLink Wifi 6 router wnd I’m getting faster speeds everywhere, even outside. I didn’t think my CenturyLink modem would have the coverage for 3600 sq/ft by itself but it does.