Citibank Mobile app for iOS - doesn't work with 1PW

Do any of you use the Citibank mobile app on iOS?
I’ve just spent several minutes trying to get 1PW to login with that app.
The stupid app will now allow pasting passwords mnually nor via 1PW.
They expect the user to enter them by hand. Tech support verified this when I called them.

Apple shouldn’t allow apps like this in the App store.
This is just bad

I use it and seem to recall having to type in my password for that or another app some time ago. It was a major pain; almost as bad as having to enter a password via remote on Roku when the iOS app can’t paste correctly.

Now that I have logged in, FaceID takes care of things so far.

Yes, I agree that not allowing data entry via paste from clipboard is a stupid move.

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I can’t log in, so I can’t get Face Id to take over.

I guess I’d have to use an simple password first, so that Face ID gets initialized,
then change the password somewhere else.

Reply from AgileBits in their support forum, on the same topic.

BTW, my convoluted way to initially get logged in was to view the password in large font on another device and type it in on the phone/tablet.

This, of course, requires another device with 1PW installed (and a secure location to view the password :sunglasses:).

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