Citrix Workspace and the latest version of macOS

That’s the only piece of software that has to work before I upgrade, so that is some nice peace of mind. Now I just need to find what software could be annoying if it doesn’t work, and check on that.

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Time for my yearly rejuvenation of this thread. Has anyone got Citrix to work with macOS Sonoma? The latest version, 2308, was released Sep 14, 2023 lists Citrix Workspace app for Mac supports the following operating systems:

  • macOS Ventura 13.5.2
  • macOS Monterey 12
  • macOS Big Sur 11

But this page states:

Citrix Workspace app 2308 for Mac has been tested on macOS Sonoma Public Beta 7 Version 23A5337a. Use this setup in a test environment and provide your feedback.

Has anyone tried? Usually this is the deal-breaker if incompatible.

I’ve stuck on 2304 because both 2305 and 2306 had an issue where the size of my Windows desktop did not take the Mac menubar into account, and so it became problematic to access controls at the top of the screen.

I have no immediate plans to install Sonoma because I have done zero due diligence so far this year.

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I have been using Workspace fine since the first Sonoma beta.

Currently running Version: (2307) on Sonoma 14.0 (23A339).

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I just installed macOS Sonoma and it works fine with Citrix Workspace. Other than a few wonky widgets, everything seems to work fine so far.

I just bit the bullet and upgraded to Sonoma today (having finished my 1-in-6 week on call duty on Wednesday) and upgraded to 2309. I’m sad to see that the menubar issue remains. I left a comment on the release notes page.

Two interesting points:

  1. I have a workaround for the menubar issue. Using BetterTouchTool with my StreamDeck, I set up a pair of buttons, one each to turn on/off auto-hide of the menubar. (See below.)
  2. While researching the menubar problem, I stumbled on a statement I had not seen before — that Option-Command is the way of sending “Alt”. I swear I had tried every possible way to use “Alt” in any way, but knock me over with a feather, it works! I was able to use Option-Command-Tab to switch between my Windows apps!!! Finally!!! Note I used the left pair of modifiers for this (which is most convenient anyway).

The means of turning on and off the menubar hiding is via AppleScript, which BTT happily lets me enter right into the button definition. This turns on hiding, change true to false to turn it off.

tell application "System Events"
    tell dock preferences
       set autohide menu bar to true
    end tell
end tell
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