Citrix Workspace and the latest version of macOS

Hi all, I titled this generically since I have this problem every year. I’m tempted to use the new public beta of macOS (this year Monterey, last year Big Sur) but can’t until I’m sure that it will run Citrix Workspace. The Citrix website says…

Citrix Workspace app for Mac on macOS Monterey Beta

Citrix Workspace app 2109 for Mac has been tested on macOS Monterey Beta 7. Please use this setup in a test environment and provide your feedback.

…whatever that may mean. There was a similar post last year by @jahala. I’m guessing you’re in the same boat again this year.

Has anyone tried Citrix Workspace v2109 on Monterey, yet? Thanks.

I decided to skip the beta this year. I’ll test Citrix Workspace as soon as Monterey is released.

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I use Citrix on Monterey every day and it works fine, with ONE really annoying problem for me. I cannot get my remote machine registered in the app. I have to go to our citrix website, download the file, and launch that. It runs fine and works as normal other than that. (Technically, I guess, the machine is running in Citrix Receiver, which is a component of Citrix Workspace.) Forgive me, if these are not the proper technical terms for describing the process. I’m not entirely certain of all the lingo surrounding virtual machines.

Also, I think I was having this same problem under Big Sur. I don’t think this was some new beta issue. It could also have something to do with the IT policies at my firm and not a failing with Citrix Workspace or its interaction with Monterey.

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That’s encouraging they even mention Monterey before release. I’m on 2107 because 2108 had a really annoying feature where it would insist on a login way too often. In my case it was once mere seconds after I had logged in, but usually around half a dozen to a dozen times a day, whether you tick “Don’t ask for 7 days” or not.

I created a Big Sur bootable USB installer (just in case) then installed the Monterey public beta. Citrix Workspace seems to work fine so far.