Classic Mac Blog Redesign

Finally pushed out an update to my blog—theme inspired by early Macintosh software. Check out the settings menu for extra .

Definitely still lots of little things left, but sometimes you just have to :rocket: Let me know if you see anything broken. And let me know your thoughts!


Ok, that’s awesome. One of the more fun blogs and websites I’ve seen in a while! Nicely done.

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Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for saying something!

Nicely done… also kudos on having a mobile friendly version. Most of these fun blogs are fun on desktop but goes on wonky on mobile…

I wish I had the know how to add a bit of fun to my blog

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Hey, thanks! Yeah, it’s hard to create a fun experience that works well everywhere. I’m sure there are little bugs here or there but I’m glad it’s working well on all device types for you!

This falls into the category of “a positively obscene amount of detailed work to make something truly awesome that most people will probably never properly appreciate.”

It’s really cool. :slight_smile:


lol…glad you like it. Yeah, it puts a smile on my face, so I figured that’s a good start. And it helps to know that a few here are responding positively. I have so many other features I want to add, too. Added the little time/date this morning in the top right. Got about 100 more of those like a little notepad, draggable stickies, a mini calculator, etc. :slight_smile: Why? idk; it’s fun!

BTW what back end software are you using for that? Something custom?

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I wrote the blog using Astro and am hosting on Netlify. I’m using the new-ish hybrid rendering so that most of the site is built statically, but a few routes are server-side rendered. Is that what you were wondering? Happy to answer any other questions.

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Yes, that’s what I was wondering. That’s a neat-looking framework. :slight_smile:

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Love the new design! Astro is great.

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Yeah, I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s both simple in that it’s essentially like writing HTML, but has powerful templating and can use components from other frameworks (React, Svelte, etc.). Plus, you can render SSG, SSR, hybrid rendering (mostly SSG with some SSR routes), or dynamic rendering (mostly SSR with some SSG routes). It’s multi-page app, but there are some rumblings about making a single-page app option. It strikes the right balance between simplicity and progressive complexity for me.

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Thanks! Yeah, Astro is awesome!

Ok… I hate to do this, but … can you make the colon between the hour and minute blink? (I’m remembering that correctly, aren’t I?)

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Haha love this suggestion. Sure! That’s possible! I’ll likely add it as a setting, too! Might be next week but thanks for the idea.

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Thanks! Glad you like it!

Works well on the iPhone 13 mini :+1:

I like the look and snappy feel.

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Great! I have a 12 mini, so I’m always very interested in it working well on the smaller devices :slight_smile: