Clean Install of Monterey

Now that I have a major project done, I’m seriously thinking of upgrading to Monterey. I know some people still have problems with it but I’m willing to take the leap. But what I want to do is do a clean install. I haven’t done that in a long time. The reason is because I feel like my computer has some odd behavior and I’d rather start from scratch since I’m upgrading anyway.

Now, maybe if I just upgrade to Monterey, things will get fixed. And after I typed this whole thing out, maybe I just do the upgrade, see how things go and if need be, do a clean install after a month of using it.

Maybe my search skills stink but when I searched here for tips, I came up a bit dry. This was one post that did come up:

Wondering if anyone can point me to a really good resource/checklist of things I should do and take note of and warnings as I go through the process.

Can I create an exact clone if things go horribly wrong?

I know there was a site that listed out compatible software with OSs but the name escapes me.

A few key items about my setup.

  • I have a 2019 MacBook Pro 16" (Intel)
  • I’m using Catalina right now
  • I do have an iPad and iPhone attached to my iCloud account. Much data is synced there.
  • I do have files on Dropbox.
  • I have a sub to MS 365.
  • I use 1pw Family plan.
  • I use Setapp
  • I do a SuperDuper backup to an external hard drive
  • I do an Arq backup to Onedrive
  • I do have some Mac App Store subscriptions

Thanks for the help.


AFAIK the issue that David mentioned about not nuking and paving the M1 Mac applies only to those machines. You shouldn’t have any problem with a Intel Mac.

I did this a few releases ago for the same reasons you mentioned and it cured some problems I was having.

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Did you nuke and pave or just upgrade?

Nuke & pave. The only time I’ve done it, owning Macs for 40 years.


Very interesting. Thanks for the details.