Cleaning the nano-texture Studio Display

Today I noticed the first “spot” on my nano-texture Studio Display (I blame my cats). Cleaning it with the special cleaning cloth alone couldn’t touch it. Here’s a photo of it that makes it look horrendous and highlights all the dust and cat fur:

In reality, I can’t see the dust at all, and the reflected window is nowhere near as bright. I couldn’t see the smudge until the display shut off while I was reading in my office.

Following the instructions, a small bit of isopropyl alcohol did the trick and quickly removed it. Whew! I love this monitor, but its delicacy was always a worry.

Just thought I’d share because there’s so little “real world” information about this new matte display.


So this, from the picture, deep scratch disappears with some alcohol? :scream_cat:

It’s not a scratch, it’s a smudge of something. No idea what, since I don’t touch the screen. It’s much smaller than a finger print, so I suspect a cat nose!

Whatever it is, it totally fills in the nano texture and makes the surface reflective.

This is the most interesting thing I’ve learned about the nano texture by far. I didn’t realize this was how it worked. Happy I skipped it on the Studio Display, even if I want it when I use Dark Mode.