CleanMyMac X Permission Issue

Hi everyone,

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I am having an issue where CleanMyMac X does not clean some of my files, because it does not have enough permission. Until today, it worked perfectly fine. Please see the uploaded screensho:

Also, whenever I quit the application and re-open it it also prompts me a screen to put my password allowing it to install a helper, I do that and still nothing. The application has full access to everything as it did before it started doing this.

If anyone can help, it might not be the biggest thing but it’s annoying me really really bad…

Thank you!

It seems that it doesn’t have full disk access permission. Go to System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Full Disk Access and check. It will be under the Privacy tab.

Please find attached, already had it enabled. As I mentiond, before today everything was fine. Today all of the sudden it started doing that.

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Are you on Catalina? Some files in Catalina live on a read-only filesystem.

I am indeed on Catalina and now that you say that it makes more sense.

So that might be the actual problem?

CleanMyMac should be smart enough to handle this. What is the version number?

It’s the latest version 4.6.3

I think you should ask MacPaw.

Can you click on the triangle to see what error message it’s showing and post a screenshot here.