CleanMyMacX - Alternative

Just had notice of my CleanMyMac X annual renewal - £51.95 for my 2 Macs!

I do use it to manage my disks and uninstall, etc

Is there a cheaper alternative - or should I bite the bullet and go with SetApp, of which CleanMyMac X, is a part - along with a number of other apps I use.

Thought welcome, though I only have until Thursday to decide …

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I decided to switch to SetApp and couldn’t be happier so far.
I reckon that in my first year it will be relatively expensive as I already own a few apps on it, but over time the balance will shift.

I switched at the same point in time as you, by the way, when CleanMyMac renewal came around.

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You could cobble together some free or cheap apps as a replacement.

Onyx, Maintenance, and Deeper are three great apps from Titanium software that verify the disk and file structure and do cleaning.

For uninstallation of associated files when you delete an app there are inexpensive apps like iTrash, AppCleaner, and AppDelete.

If you want something to protect against malware there are free/cheap alternatives. We recently talked about some of them here and here. The free versions usually won’t scan automatically in the background so you need to manually run them from time to time. (But the top ones are all more powerful than what’s in CleanMyMacX.)

Personally, I thought it was worth my money to spend $49.98 on the v.4 upgrade license last September. But if it’s a part of SetApp and you find it useful, you’re bound to find the entire list of SetApp apps are a huge bargain overall.


I endorse Onyx - free and very reliable


What do you mean ‘manage my disks’ ?

Hazel has an uninstallation feature, which I think it is every bit as good as Clean My Mac.

That being said, I’ve been quite happy with Setapp, and would definitely recommend it as opposed to just a straight up Clean My Mac license.

(A cynic might suggest that a few apps in Setapp are priced so as to make the “jump” to Setapp’s price easier to accept. I’m not sure I’d go that far, but I could see how someone would get the idea.)

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Thanks TJ. I Should have been clearer, sorry, meant Macs rather than disks!

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Yeah, it is another thing that is ticking me towards SetApp. With some reluctance. I use Ulysses a lot at $40 a year. If I felt I really needed CleanMyMacX I would already be $90 into a Setapp annual payment. I am not there yet though.

If I didn’t already own most of the Setapp apps I’d be interested in, and if I weren’t grandfathered into Ulysses at $30/yr, I’d have jumped to Setapp a long time ago.

At this point, with the variety of high-quality apps in the program it really is a no-brainer in my opinion, and I strongly recommend it.

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